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Welcome to the Green Side: Top 10 Houseplants for Beginners from DPC!

Hello, Plant Lovers!

Here at Denver Plant Club (DPC), we're all about spreading the love for greenery, especially to our budding plant enthusiasts! As fellow plant lovers who've navigated every twist and turn of plant care, we're excited to share our list of the top 10 houseplants perfect for beginners. These are the plants that have been through the thick and thin with us and have shown us that plant parenting is a joy, not a chore!

1. Snake Plant (Sansevieria): Our DPC team adores the Snake Plant for its ‘survive anything’ attitude. This tough cookie can handle low light and irregular watering schedules, making it a champion for those just starting their plant journey. Plus, its air-purifying qualities are a big win!

2. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum): Ah, the Spider Plant – it’s as resilient as it is charming. This plant is not only a survivor in varying conditions, but its adorable spiderettes (baby plants) dangling from the mother plant have stolen our hearts time and again.

3. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum): At DPC, we have a soft spot for the Peace Lily. It’s a plant that gently reminds you when it’s thirsty (hello, droopy leaves) and rewards you with elegant white blooms. It's the perfect plant to add a touch of tranquility to your home.

4. Pothos (Epipremnum aureum): The Pothos, or as we call it, the ‘set it and forget it’ plant, is a favorite among our team. Its forgiving nature and lovely trailing vines make it ideal for adding a touch of green to any corner, shelf, or hanging basket.

5. Aloe Vera: In our sunny Denver, Aloe Vera is a must-have. Not only is it easy to care for (hello, sunshine and occasional watering), but it’s also an on-hand remedy for various skin irritations. It’s a plant with purpose!

6. Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica): For those looking to make a statement in their space, we always recommend the Rubber Plant. Its glossy, dark green leaves create a lush, tropical feel. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to care for, making it a hit with our customers and staff alike.

7. ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia): The ZZ Plant is our go-to recommendation for spaces that don’t get a lot of natural light. It’s not just about surviving in low light; this plant thrives with minimal care, making it a perfect companion for busy plant parents.

8. English Ivy (Hedera helix): English Ivy adds a classic charm that we at DPC absolutely love. Whether you let it trail from a hanging pot or climb up a trellis, it’s a versatile plant that brings a bit of the English countryside to your home.

9. Cactus: Cacti are the plant kingdom's champions of neglect (we mean that in the best way possible). These spiky friends are ideal for those who love the ‘look but don’t touch’ vibe and are always a topic of conversation among our customers.

10. Succulents: Succulents are the stars of our beginner plant workshops at DPC. They’re not only trendy but also incredibly easy to care for. With a little water and a lot of light, these beauties flourish, bringing joy to any plant newbie.

Closing Thoughts: Starting with these easy-care plants will set you up for success in your plant parenting journey. Remember, every plant has its personality, and part of the fun is getting to know them. Drop by DPC or visit our website for more tips, and let’s grow together in this wonderful world of plants!

Happy Planting from all of us at DPC!


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