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Plants and Lifestyle accessories

About DPC

At Denver Plant Club, we pride ourselves as a premier plant store, diligently curating a selection of high-quality, fair trade, and handcrafted products. In an industry often dominated by mass-produced and low-cost items, our focus remains steadfast on purpose-driven merchandise. Each item in our plant store is a testament to skilled craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and our commitment to ensuring artisans receive a fair, livable wage.
At Denver Plant Club, our dedication doesn't stop at our storefront. We journey far and wide, traversing the globe to handpick our offerings. Every product in our esteemed plant store is the result of meticulous exploration and a quest for unmatched quality. Along every step of our travels, we prioritize sustainability, ensuring that the products we curate not only meet aesthetic and functional benchmarks but also align with eco-conscious principles and practices.
The customers of Denver Plant Club are discerning individuals with an eye for quality and an appreciation for ethical craftsmanship. They value authenticity and sustainability, understanding the profound impact of their purchasing choices. Whether they are seasoned plant enthusiasts or novices looking to greenify their spaces, our patrons are united in their pursuit of products that embody both aesthetic appeal and ethical principles. The Denver Plant Club attracts those who seek more than just a product; they desire a meaningful connection to the artisans, the environment, and the ethos behind each item.

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Hours of Operation

Mon - Wed   Closed 

Thursday Noon - 5:00 


Friday Noon - 6:00 


Saturday 11:00   - 6:00 



Sunday 11:00   - 4:00 



1876 s. Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

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